Globpen.com is an active design studio, founded in 1985. We illustrate and design all of our products by ourselves.Our print products are designed for all ages of men, women and children, not forgetting about babies, either. Everyday textiles and products like T-shirts, leggings, swimsuits and beach towels, fabric bags, hoodies, phone cases etc. with countless fun themes.

We also have home decor products, such as pillows and many sizes of printed canvases. Great for yourself or as a gift.All our products are sold through our Globpen.com webshop.We are constantly expanding to new products and different illustration styles. By following events around the world we get new ideas for our product illustrations. Hopefully you will find something you like.Our production facilities are located in the USA and Europe, from which our products are delivered flexibly to everywhere around the world.

Note! If you have a good idea for an illustration, you can send your thoughts and ideas to our email at globpen.com@gmail.com. We will see if your ideas are suitable for perhaps even a whole family of products that we can sell on our online shop.

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Welcome shopping and stay tuned 😉



Jack / Globpen.com